Waiting for Sherlock Holmes

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i’m sorry you had to wait so long

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Inspired by this post. Original dialogue taken from Firefly [x]

I’m not sorry.


[Screaming forever because I am a huge Firefly fan, too.]

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The Secret of Sherlock Holmes by Jeremy Paul (and Jeremy Brett)

It’s sad, that it wasn’t filmed and that all that’s left from the play with Brett and Hardwicke are some photos and an audio recording.

The way Jeremy Brett screams “sane” in the recording always gets me… Makes me think that this play was as much about the relationship of Brett and Hardwicke themselves as it was about Holmes and Watson.

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When you see someone wearing a fandom t-shirt


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Stephen King on film adaptations of his work 

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there’s nothing you can do.

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oh hold on we’ve got a badass over here.

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lotr meme: 8/9 CHARACTERS

The King of the West

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That moment when one actor’s voice can blow up a whole social network site.


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Please read! 

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A collection of newly released images from the first episode of ‘Parade’s End’, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall and Adelaide Clemens.

Great article from indiewire.com on the upcoming BBC 2 mini series.

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Drive like a good citizen and get hit anyway. 


Drive like a good citizen and get hit anyway. 

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